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About Us

The way a customer thinks, researches and shops should be considered by all businesses. The opportunity to alter a customer's behaviours to benefit your growing business through factors such as usability, performance, aesthetics and marketing is key to increasing the success of your offering. If your target audience isn’t being considered when establishing your online presence how can they be expected to pick up what you’re putting down?

Have you ever had a problem using…anything?

User Experience (UX) is often overlooked, but room 146 considers it a crucial component of the design process. The ramifications of poor UX far exceeds what you may think; wasted time by your customer + wasted money on your end = a loss in revenue for your business. We factor in UX from the initial project brief, through concept development all the way to the final testing phase of a project to support the growth of your business while staying true to its original mission.

We also believe it takes a village to create big things and have close ties to other creative professionals to support a variety of projects such as Market Analysis, Interior Design, Branding, Video Production, Illustration, Photography, Content Writing, etc.